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Brand strategy and execution.
From initiation through to consolidation.
Copy Transmission builds better brands via:

  • branding
  • web & social media
  • campaigns & promotions
  • copywriting & propaganda
  • business communications

Brand Foundations

The abstract, made real.

Bring the essence of your brand to the fore. Our experts work with you to discern and articulate the values, mission and vision that define its reason for being and its manner of behaviour. These key articulations form the solid base on which all other brand elements can be constructed.

Brand Identity

Brand Names

The rose.

Sure, by any other name the scent might stay the same. But would you be so likely to inhale?
Copy Transmission works with you to get it right. First time, for all time.

Tag Lines

The narrative, condensed.

Tell your story in a single phrase that is both memorable and meaningful.
Copy Transmission finds the poetry within your prose.

Personality & Voice

Expression that enhances the essence.

Copy Transmission gives voice to your brand’s inner personality. The distinctive, recognisable manner and tone represents your brand with confidence and clarity.

Logo & Visuals

Brand marks and visual identities that are instantly recognisable.

Distinctive graphical embodiments, designed to appeal to your target market.

Brand Implementation

Brand Identity Guidelines

Consistency and cohesion, for impact and immortality.

Professionally tailored guidelines to ensure your brand gains and retains recognition. Grow in strength with every brand communication.
Easy-to-follow, fully customised rules clearly show how to best represent your brand, both visually and verbally.

Brand Auditing

Reveal opportunities, enhance outcomes.

A Copy Transmission brand audit makes sure that every representation of your brand is accurately and reliably aimed at your strategic targets.
It entails a review of all external communications, including social media, advertising, sales and marketing collateral, scripts and business proposals.

Brand Collateral

Immaculate identity.

Any and all of the accessories and accoutrements that enhance perceptions of your brand. From business cards and stationary through to merchandise and signage, this is the armoury from which you equip your front line.


Winning websites designed to deliver: efficiently, strategically.

Content. Design. Build. We’ve launched online presences for all sorts, from property developers, FMCGs, tourism and finance, through to arts, government and community initiatives.

Social Media

Always on. Uniquely sensitive to fast judgement and honed intuitions. Rewards responsiveness and venerates awareness.

Content strategy

The right platform(s) for your mission. A clear content plan. Straightforward execution.

Expert management

Skilled operatives execute all aspects of your social media activity—from content generation and community management to analytics and engagement reporting.

Guidelines and policies

The tools your frontline needs to deal with the concerns unique to (or exaggerated by) social media. Operational policies that set clear rules of engagement. Guidelines for your brand’s social media activity and the activity of your staff.

Email Campaigns

Delivering email campaigns primed for success at every level.

Tight emails with targeted subject lines for superior open rates. Layouts that encourage attention. Crafted copy converts curiosity into clicks. Purpose-built landing pages that lead to results. With A/B testing and conversion pathway options, your campaign is optimised for maximum impact.


Winning hearts and minds on your behalf.

Having achieved excellent outcomes for some of Australia’s most recognised brands—think Nestlé, Medibank, AMP—Copy Transmission puts proven experience and expertise to work for your brand.
From strategy to execution. Across all media. Copy Transmission finds the groove, builds the base and bangs the drum.


Clear. Concise. Convincing.

Great copy sells.
More than the right words. More than the right order. Your message must be mission-focused and executed with precision.
Quality copywriting penetrates resistance to connect with its audience.
It resonates.

Online Content

Aligning brands with the right writers, ambassadors and content generators.

Our content & editorial team have come through the ranks at publications like the Herald Sun, mX and Broadsheet Melbourne. They craft narratives that provoke a conversation.

Video Production

From concept to screen, all you need to get seen.

Top notch writers, directors, cast and crew create video to attract and enchant. From storyboarding through to distribution, we professionally optimise for the channels that suit the strategy. The result is fetchingly shareable video that hits the mark.

Presentations & Annual Reports

Turning complex info into compelling content.

Copy Transmission crafts presentations and reports that interest, engage and elucidate. We distil the essence without losing the flavour. Professional writing, graphics and layout generate attractive and genuinely informational corporate communications.

Brochures & Catalogues

Key print collateral that keeps selling after the meeting.

Whether a tactical one-off or a comprehensive strategic campaign, Copy Transmission can manage the entire process, from concept, copy and graphics through to print.

Media Releases & PR

Newsworthy announcements.

Copy Transmission media releases and PR are always on-message. Get geared up for the attention your brand deserves.

Bios & CVs

Impressive impressions.

Tell your story and sell your abilities with maximum impact and memorability.

Papers & Articles

Professional, Polished & Persuasive.

Our team have contributed papers and articles to some of Australia’s biggest publications and on behalf of some of the nation’s biggest brands.
Whether written from scratch or for that final professional polish: our published professional writers are at the ready.


Academically qualified, market driven.

Copy Transmission has researched and ghost-written publications and programs for elite corporations. Our qualified researchers provide insights, analysis and groundwork that are strong enough to support even the biggest brands.

Sales & Service Scripts

Standardise and simplify—talk the talk with confidence.

Satisfy every customer with conversational scripts that keep your team on-message. Vetted language, tested techniques and branching scenarios to compel everyone to convivial closure.


Tactical revisions that make comms match brand strategy.

We take the raw information conveyed by pre-existing communications and translate it into your brand’s strategic voice. Perfect for materials that remain factually current, but need updating to suit your brand’s genuine personality.


Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream; L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival; JG King Homes; Nestlé Australia; Good Super; Melbourne University Publishing; CommInsure; Medibank; Australia's former Shadow Attorney General; Tanager; Tequila Tromba; mX daily metropolitan newspaper; Actuaries Institute; Slipper Fits; AMP; Chard International; Bask Gili Meno; Create & Communicate 2C; Cubiq Modular; Teach International; Broadsheet Melbourne; Perrett, Ewert & Leaf; VCEnet; Malthouse Theatre; The Skills Organisation; Peters Ice Cream; Housing Choices Australia; Kingston Development; Black Mirror; Polynation; Kokoda Property; Flower Temple; Skin & Cancer Foundation; Goldfields Living; Milk Bar; China Pacific Property Insurance Company; The Orchard Agency; Innovation and Business Skills Australia; Round; R Corporation; Australian & International Pilots Association; Vietnamese Ministry of Finance; ALI&S; Polyester Books; Qualia Creative; eWater Systems; Low Transit Industries; Crooked Styles Press; Urban; Oaktree; The Knight Alliance; Hayball Architects; Melbourne Altitude Training; Mercedes Waratah Group; YourLand; Donovan Leadership; Zoos Victoria; Social Media Knowledge; Allianz; Youth Led; Specialised Insurance Group; MTAA Superannuation Fund...


  • Bask Gili Meno, Project Preview
  • Peter's Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream, Project Preview
  • The Village Cheltenham, Goldfields, Project Preview
  • The Grove, Maidstone, RCorp—Project Preview
  • Malthouse Theatre, Rebrand & Program, Project Preview
  • Good Super, Brand Initiation, Brand Foundations, Project Preview


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55 Victoria Harbour Promenade
Docklands VIC 3008

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David J Ling, PhD


David’s creative has been dubbed 'fine and mad' by Fairfax Media. He's ghostwritten materials for household names and consulted extensively to government and business.

With a BA(Hon) and a BComm specialised in Marketing, plus a PhD in Comms and Creative, David is an uncommonly qualified brand and business development expert. Ongoing PD and 29 non-fiction publications show a dedication to knowledge that verges on obsession.

David's doctoral expertise on psychologically effective short-form communications was inspired by the author Jorge Luis Borges. He'll spare you the details—unless you insist.

Brett Hamm


Brett cut his teeth working communications for a federal MP. Then, as senior copywriter with a boutique Melbourne agency, he managed the messages of a broad selection of corporate, government and community clients.

He's published more than 100 journalistic features, including interviews with Hollywood stars, best-selling authors and military insiders.

Brett is a strategic communications specialist and social media savant. With nearly a decade of proven expertise, he has been fundamental to Copy Transmission’s ethos and success.

Charlie Tango

Propaganda & Pretension

Charlie got his start writing for textiles trade journal The Draper of Australasia, but a penchant for pseudonyms meant his own name was seldom attached.

He gained notoriety by integrating fascinating fictions into facts about fashion. Some readers felt Tango owed an explanation: what could be believed?

In an editorial apologia, he insisted that 'all truth is in text' and that 'objectivity is the only lie'. Simple minds scoffed. Movers and shakers pounced.

Tango has soft-shoed across the stages of advertising, marketing and political spin. From glitzy shadows, he’s made money, babies and an impact. As a modern man in a classic suit, Copy Transmission is the peak incarnation of the Tango legend.

Copy Transmission

: expert operators.^1600

is smart^400, lean^400 & fast.^800

has crack^2400-shot creatives^50 that put two in the chest and one in the head.^800 Get attention.^600 Hit the heart.^400 Blow the mind.^1600

is mission-driven.^1600

overcomes interference.^600

penetrates resistance.^1200

values creativity^400, collaboration^400 & cold^200, hard^200 cash.^800

produces award-winning campaigns.^2000

designs pain^1600t the town red.

knows better.^800